What Makes McAfee LiFeSafe Stand Out From Competition?

Initially, antiviruses could only protect PCs from malware, viruses, and other online threats. Nowadays, users require extra capabilities, as the number of equipment connected to the network is constantly growing, and data is stored in the cloud.

McAfee has developed McAfee LiveSafe security that affords protection to every aspect of digital life. Let’s find out here, is mcafee livesafe any good antivirus-review.com/blog/mcafee-lifesafe-review and what makes it different from the predecessors?

What is McAfee LiFeSafe?

McAfee offers proven solutions to help users secure systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world, enabling users to securely browse and shop online. Through its matchless Global Threat Intelligence system, McAfee creates innovative products that empower home users, businesses, and service providers to protect data, prevent disruptions, and identify vulnerabilities.

The software main module has a traditional set of tools: PC scanning for viruses, email protection, parental control, file shredder, etc. There is also a separate True Key module that allows you to automatically fill out password forms on various sites by scanning the owner’s face or a fingerprint.

The McAfee LiFeSafe package is a plastic card with an installation key. You should take this key and install it on all your computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets that we have at our disposal. You will definitely appreciate and discover is mcafee lifesafe any good and how convenient it is! The application works with almost all popular platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having McAfee LiFeSafe?

Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of McAfee products. Among the positive qualities of McAfee products, users note:

  1. Antivirus includes many features at affordable prices;

  2. Good level of protection;

  3. Updates are provided regularly and the entire update and maintenance process run in the background;

  4. Simple interface that provides quick access to all functions.

Now, a slight fly in the ointment are a few disadvantages listed below:

  1. Average laboratory test results;

  2. Weak protection against phishing;

  3. Limited parental control system.

Installing McAfee LiFeSafe

Installing McAfee LiFeSafe is not difficult and can easily be completed by almost every user. After the installation starts, your computer will be scanned for threats. Then you will be offered the type of product installation: full or custom. By choosing the second option, you can uncheck those LiFeSafe components that do not need to be installed. The rest of the installation process is fully automated. After the installation is complete, a description of the protected computer will be added to your personal account on the McAfee website, and a shortcut for configuring protection settings will appear in the tray.

Summing up

McAfee LiFeSafe provides comprehensive threat protection, remote control, blocking, location tracking, and many other features for all your devices at a very affordable price. Using LiFeSafe you do not need to purchase antivirus licenses for each protected device. There is no need to install multiple apps on your mobile devices to ensure that data is deleted and the device is found if lost or stolen. In addition to solving business problems, one subscription will allow parents to limit surfing for children, allow the launch of only certain applications, limit the list of phone numbers of your incoming and outgoing calls, always be aware of where the child is at the moment. The device can be found through the McAfee website, now part of Intel.

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