VoIP Innovations: Global Communications Provider

VoIP Innovations is a brand owned by ABG Capital and has been successfully distributing VoIP services for over 12 years. The luggage of this company is impressive: storage for more than 500,000 DIDs, thousands of tariff centers, or rather 8500. The company has easily become a leader in terms of provider and is engaged in the wholesale trade of E911. Now it places accounts for providers above grade 4.

Advantages and benefits

VoIP Innovations has several first level carrier connections. This combination is very valuable for VoIP service providers because it means that they can focus on their core competency, rather than spend time building partnerships with level 1 operators. VoIP Innovations also offers Local Number Porting (LNP), another valuable service that suppliers can use without having to set up their LNP department.

With a combination of Tier 1 operators and the provision of redundant Sansay switches, data centers, and power grids, this ensures high platform reliability and peace of mind for service providers.

It is represented in more than 60 countries, so you can purchase DID for thousands of cities around the world, including toll-free numbers.

The VoIP Innovations back office (called Titanium) is a very powerful portal that gives you access to customizable tariff decks, DID, E911, CDR, LNP, and endpoints. You can even resell services through this back office. This one-stop-shop is very effective for service providers as they can transfer many of their customers’ requests to VoIP Innovations. Tools are available to support speed requests, port numbers, and E911. Also, endpoints are created in the back office to authenticate the IP addresses of the service provider’s Class 5 switches. The main control panel for the back office is highlighted in Figure 1 at the bottom of the page.

Negative sides

All authentication is performed using endpoints. Look at the endpoint like how the IP address is whitelisted in the firewall. For VoIP Innovations to accept SIP traffic from your servers, you must enter the static IP address of your server in the endpoint group.

This in itself is a safe way to reduce fraud, but some wholesale providers also offer the option of authentication using SIP credentials where a username and password are required. Only IP authentication can be problematic for some PBXs, as sometimes full SIP credentials are required in the PBX software trunk line configuration.

However, VoIP Innovations does a great job on its wiki page, showing you how to configure the trunk settings of the main PBXs to work with the platform.

In the beginning, wholesale prices can be a little confusing, since there are decks with several tariffs based on tariff centers and operators. This is more of an aggregation factor that VoIP Innovations performs, and they provide a bidding tool to help with price requests.


VoIP Innovations provides an impressive wholesale service. It has all the functions that you expect from a wholesale supplier, and all level 1 aggregation is done for you. This can go a long way for service providers, especially at an early age. Pricing is very reasonable, and tariff decks are customizable based on price, quality, and carrier.

If you need a global operation, you will be pleased to know that VoIP Innovations is present in more than 60 countries, including the ability to order international DIDs and toll-free numbers for thousands of cities around the world.

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