Is Spectrum VoIP the Best Business Phone Provider?

Spectrum VoIP is a Texas-based telephony service provider based in Keller. It is recognized as one of the best suppliers of electronic communications systems for business, which are notable for convenience, reliability, and efficiency. The main audience of the company is the business sector, so we will tell you why it is good for business.

Why Business rated VoIP

According to the latest survey conducted among the adult population of the United States, representatives of commercial structures to a greater extent understand what the essence of VoIP is and are ready to use this technology than ordinary home users. 87% of business representatives and 36% of ordinary users think that they are pretty good at what VoIP service is.

The survey was conducted by Spectrum VoIP among one and a half thousand ordinary users and three hundred businessmen, TMCnet writes. Of those who understand the essence of the matter, 12% of business representatives and 3% of ordinary users actively use VoIP services.

Of those who use the capabilities of voice traffic, 40% are completely satisfied with VoIP service, and 44% consider the service to be quite appropriate. Among business representatives planning to deploy IP telephony over the coming year, 72% plan to save up to 40% on voice communications.

This is a reliable VoIP solution with affordable tariffs and guaranteed uptime, which allows employees to stay in touch with customers. To include you in its rich feature set, Spectrum even offers to redeem existing VoIP agreements to help you do this.

Main benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Guaranteed uptime and safety
  • Additional lines are cheaper
  • Over 30 call features

Spectrum advantages as a business solution:

  • Always Available Plug-N-Play
  • Prompt customer service anytime
  • The ability to redeem a contract from other suppliers

Of the minuses, we can distinguish only the lack of a mobile application and restrictions on pricing in the industry.

The future of the business for Spectrum VoIP?

The research company Juniper Research, represented by its analysts, has published several forecasts related to the continued use of IP-telephony, based on available statistical and research data. The greatest development of VoIP services will be, after all, in the corporate sector. Reduced communication costs and incredible flexibility of solutions will ensure a steady increase in demand for business telephony in IP networks. It is noted that the development of this communication segment requires a “careful” attitude from the authorities and the creation of common standards that can ensure absolute compatibility of the whole variety of VoIP systems, solutions and devices.


To sum up

Spectrum VoIP solution is a practical solution for both small and medium-sized businesses. The provider acts like a telephony service provider and guarantees high-quality service, with reliable communication with the service department, communication, and additional features.

As a matter of fact, the company also started small and was engaged in leasing financing. Now it is in trend and provides a service that optimizes business, increases prospects, provides communication, for which it is much appreciated by the business.

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