Internet Crime Lawyer: Rare Specialist for Specific Cases

Rather rare in the legal community is specialization – a lawyer in the field of high IT-technologies or a lawyer for computer crimes. The reasons lie in the lack of deep professional knowledge in the field of IT technologies, which results in the lack of a sufficient amount of practice and experience in conducting this category of criminal cases.

Lawyers, having special knowledge in the field of IT and experience in protecting persons who have committed computer crimes, will help you choose the right tactics and strategy of defense, appeal against illegal actions by the pre-trial investigation authorities, and collect admissible evidence to prove innocence. Experienced lawyers in criminal cases in the field of the Internet and computer technologies provide advisory assistance, defense, within the framework of suspicion or accusation, the rights, and legitimate interests of not only individuals but also legal entities are upheld.

The basis of the activities of lawyers is a specific specialization, the experience of participation as a defender of persons who has committed cybercrimes, analysis of international trends. Lawyers specializing in the protection of persons who have committed crimes in the field of high technologies, theft using computer technology, information security will help protect your rights.

Of course, none of the practical skills of a lawyer can compare with the professional knowledge of technical specialists in the field of IT technologies, therefore, lawyers have established wide interaction with them. Computer technical expertise is essential from the evidence base for the correct resolution of criminal cases in this category. The essence of the examination comes down to finding and fixing “traces” that can serve as evidence of both the guilt and innocence of the person brought to justice. In this situation, it is necessary to note the right of the defense attorney to formulate questions to be included in the investigator’s decision on the appointment of a computer technical examination.

Main responsibilities of Internet crime lawyer

A lawyer provides a full range of legal assistance:

  • consulting services;
  • procedural protections of the individual from the charges brought against him at all stages of criminal proceedings;
  • protection of the legal interests of individuals and legal entities violated by cybercrimes.

The practice of a lawyer is not limited to the region. The lawyer actively provides remote legal assistance to interested parties in strict compliance with the confidentiality requirements and the provisions of the law on advocate secrecy.

In the professional activity of a lawyer, interaction with technical specialists in the field of computer technologies and the IT industry is widely used, active, and repeatedly tested in practice lines of advocacy are used, which allow successfully defending the legitimate interests, rights, and freedoms of the Clients.

The importance of IT lawyer

With the development of computerization, more and more crimes are committed in the field of IT technologies. Entrepreneurs suffer from multiple cyberattacks from time to time, which each time become more sophisticated and can hit the computer system through software or emails. In particular, computer crimes include unauthorized interference with computer systems, creation, and distribution of malware, unauthorized actions with the information contained in automated systems, etc. At the same time, specialists in IT law are quite rare. This is because the legal protection of a client in these crimes requires special knowledge and experience.

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