How to Get Spectrum Antivirus?

Those who use Spectrum as an Internet provider always get Spectrum Security Suite that can cover up to 10 devices in the household. However, to get started, one should do the installation for every device separately. Should you do it? Let’s learn more about this software to define if it’s worthy of your attention.

A brief overview

The antivirus is sort of a part of the Internet subscription. Spectrum users get it for free. This software offers a selection of features, namely:

  • Real-Time protection;
  • Automatic virus removal;
  • A personal firewall;
  • Browser protection;
  • Spyware protection;
  • Parental control;
  • Blocking zero-day threats and malware.

Let’s find out more about each offered aspect.

Real-Time protection

The software promises comprehensive protection from all sorts of threats like viruses, malware apps, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, etc. It can work on computers, laptops, and other devices. The program runs in the background analyzing the potential threats and blocking all suspicious activities.

Virus removal

Using Spectrum Antivirus, users get automatic virus removal. It implies that whenever the program detects suspicious files or activity, it automatically deals with it. There is no need for a user to manually remove viruses anymore.

Keep in mind that you’ll receive a notification every time it happens. Sometimes, you’ll have to verify the action, so that the antivirus could take care of the rest.

Personal firewall

The software comes with a Security Firewall that works on Windows and Mac OS devices. It enhances the security of users’ online activities by shielding them from unauthorized usage of the PC.

Protection of the browser

After you install Spectrum Antivirus, you’ll get extra protection in your browser. The feature will automatically determine if the site is safe to visit or not. Each page gets a grade like in school. Harmful websites get F. When you try to access such sites, you’ll see a warning.

While you don’t have to listen to this warning, there is a great chance the system was right about malicious sites.

Spyware detection

This antivirus deals with spyware, too. The software detects if some spyware ads or files try to steal your personal information and blocks them. You must allow the antivirus to delete such threats. It’s often inconvenient but, nevertheless, the feature is present.

Zero-day threats

Spectrum Antivirus uses cloud-based technology to secure users’ online activities. It can detect most threats, viruses, and other malicious files, including zero-day threats. However, keep in mind that this feature works on Mac OS and Windows desktops or laptops. The mobile devices won’t receive such kind of protection.

Parental control

The software has some parental control features. It offers to block suspicious sites that can contain inappropriate content. Other than that, the program only allows the monitoring of kids’ activities.


People who use Spectrum Internet get such an antivirus free of charge. The Internet subscription already includes it in the cost. So, you can easily install the program and enhance the protection of your devices from various online threats.

Bottom lines

All in all, Spectrum could be a great choice if you need a free antivirus and already use Spectrum Internet. However, there isn’t enough information about the reliability of the software antimalware engines.

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